Forgiving is better

"Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself."

a wooden block that says for give next to a bouquet of flowers
a wooden block that says for give next to a bouquet of flowers

Forgiving is better

“Taking revenge is normal, but forgiving is divine.”

Yes it is right to forgive a person rather than taking revenge. May be you are not aware of the fact that if you forgiving someone it has a direct impact on your health. By doing so you not only become a good person but also have benefits related to your physical, mental and social health. Yes this is also true!!!!

You must have heard that forgiving is a little harder than taking a revenge. But if we forgive someone we are helping ourselves. Revenge will only give you a temporary satisfaction, but it also recur guilt and hostility. A person who is mature and has wisdom can only forgive. You may have noticed when you want to take revenge from a person and all what is going in your mind is about how can you do so? In such situation you feel like aggressive, restless, very angry, calculating how you can achieve your revenge, making secret plan and stressing till not achieved. Moreover, sometimes it is seen that during this process your and those around you (family and friends), the life associated with all these gets depressed and miserable.

If you forgive a person, your mind is relaxed and free from stress.

When a close person betrays or hurts you, it is difficult to forgive the person. Sometimes trust is also compromised. May be happened with you, what will you do in this case? Revenge yes many of us will say it is easy.

But that is not right because forgiving someone is far easier than taking revenge. It causes lesser suffocation due to bad intentions. A person is free from all sort of negative thoughts. So we need to make an understanding of not staying offended and annoyed for longer time. Do you know if you are able to forgive someone you will be able suffer less and feel less pain.

Though forgiving a person is not easy but you must try it and the feeling you get will be everlasting. It can be made easy when you make your mindset in a positive way that it will help you in benefiting your health. Moreover it is a step towards self improvement. Here are the benefits of forgiving:

  • It lowers down: high blood pressure, anxiety, stress, heart related disorders.

  • It reduces negative thoughts

  • It raises self appreciation

  • Re-establish relationships

  • Renovates positive thinking

  • Provides life satisfaction

  • Strengthens physical health and mental health

  • Strengthens spiritual health too.

Now you are aware of the fact of advantages of forgiving. But a question may arise in your mind that how can you forgive? So Fitsage is here to answer.

Forgiving is the path that is to be walked rather than just thinking. Here are steps which you would notice during the path of forgiving. It includes:

Loss: Every pain encountered in our life may lead to cause of losing our way. But do not allow that if you do so you would forget the main purpose of life.

Irritation: Irritation and anger are caused due to loss. But do not allow anger to consume you. So we must try to learn that how can we turn our anger or irritation into motivation. Anger can be compared with a river that swells beyond a bank, which destroys everything that comes in its pathway.

Acceptance: It does not mean giving up it means being who you are not being who you are not.

Learning: Learning allows us to find the way from our experiences (we learn from loss, anger etc).

Forgiving: It is not forgetting.

Restoring: Learning is an opportunity to restore.

For example when you are in the journey you come across the bridge. The time you step on it you will get a support to go to other side of bridge, a side which is good enough. So likewise forgiveness is an eternal journey. You come across many challenges, many bridges, and many paths. Each of these will lead to something better than the pervious.


Forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.