Science behind Attention

"The science of attention is the gateway to the exploration of human potential."

closeup photo of street go and stop signage displaying stop
closeup photo of street go and stop signage displaying stop

Science behind Attention

Attention is the active part of consciousness or the concentration of mind on a particular thing. Moreover, attention cannot occur in the absence of our consciousness. Let’s take an example if you are reading a book then the book will come under consciousness and the words which are read from book will come under attention. So it clearly shows that both attention and consciousness are not same. Attention would not be possible if we don’t have consciousness.

There are five types of attention:

1. Divided attention

It is the capability of a person to focus on more than one task. It is difficult to maintain.

2. Selective attention

In this types a person focus on the selected thing only.

3. Focused attention

It is a type in which a person focuses on one task without being distracted by other things.

4. Sustained attention

It is the capability of person to focus on a single task for 15 or more minutes.

5. Alternating attention

It is capability of a person to focus on two tasks alternatively. In this a person focuses on both the task.

The systems that control your attention are:

a. Automatic system: This system is involuntary as it makes automatic decision. For example tilting of head when someone calls your name.

b. Reflective system: It is a voluntary action as it does not make automatic decision. It is based on the will power and self control of an organism. This system helps in building our concentration and attention. Distraction is what disrupts our concentration and attention. It is right to say that “Distraction is not the chatter of people around us, rather the chatter of our mind”

There are basically 5 states of mind according to yoga psychology:

a. Dull state i.e.., Mudha state that you might feel on Sundays. It is an occasional state of mind.

b. Restlessness or distracted state i.e.., Kshipta state when you feel that what you were thinking? Is that right to think?

c. Scattered but preoccupied state i.e.., Vikshipta state when mind is in one state but still occupied by various other things.

d. Concentrated state i.e.., Ekgra state in which you have ability to keep mind at one point.

e. Mastered state i.e.., Niruddha state in which you master your mind.

The last 2 state of mind are important to have focused state i.e.., attentive state.

Skill and mind both are important to do anything in life. Having anyone will not give a good result. That is why you must firstly work on your mind and then on your skills. The only difference between success and failure is that failure lags either skill or mind mastery whereas the success has mastered both skill and mind. Always try to have single beam attention rather than scattered one as it is concentrated to a specific goal.

Importance of attention:

· It helps in controlling of our mind.

· It helps in minimizing the mistakes.

· It improves your memory as well as retaining power.

· Declining of the thoughts that you do not want to have.

· Increase your ability to study by increasing focus.

· Achieving inner peace.

According to various studies, there are 5 reasons behind a person who cannot focus:

o Exhaustion and low energy

o Multi tasking of work

o Physical factors

o Overloaded information

o Stress and pressure

So to make a focused attention you need to work on above mentioned reasons.

Here fitsage is there to make you aware of which are the ways through which you can achieve attention and concentration:

· Spending time with nature’s beauty

According to studies it is observed that going for a walk in garden rather than street increases your concentration process.

· Meditating

Mediation plays an important role in development of concentration and attention.

Focused attention is much like a muscle, one that is needed to be strengthened through exercise.

· Chose the best sitting posture and equipments

If you sit in a comfortable position then your mind will get focussed to work but if not so you will keep moving when sat in uncomfortable way. This leads to disturbance and efficiency of work decreases.

· Proper sleep

Taking proper sleep is necessary to take suitable decisions.

· Drink water

You must drink adequate amount of water if not done so it would lead to dehydration which in turn affects your mental as well as physical heath.

· Being indulge in an activity you enjoys the most

It is better to do an activity that you enjoy rather than doing an activity in which you have no interest. This helps in building up your focus and concentration power.

· Put phone on silent

Now days almost everyone is having a smart phone which is most disturbing factor that affects our attention and concentration. So while working you must keep your phone either on silent mode or away from you. This will help in increasing your concentration in the work you are doing.

Remember!!! What you think is what you become. So try to think positive for yourself. Thoughts gets wrap in mind. Never let outer things decide what to think it means the mind should be under your control. You are only the owner of your mind so do not let other things play with it. Unstable mind and dissimilar thoughts leads to ordinary mind. Stable mind and dissimilar thoughts leads to focused mind, in which mind get stable i.e.., it do not get modified by the thoughts. Stable mind and similar thoughts makes a concentrated mind. Meditative mind is the super concentration state in which mind does not change for the same thought.

To increase powers of concentration always keep your mind pure like a sculpture, who is always first memorizes the image in mind and then makes the statue. This shows that firstly he works on his mind and then skills automatically come out. Also regulating of lifestyle is an important part for focused mind.