Significance of Spiritual Health

"Spiritual health is the foundation of a fulfilled and purposeful life."

person holding white cigarette stick
person holding white cigarette stick

Significance of Spiritual Health

Spiritual life does not build you as a good person

You were a good person and a holy being when you were born.

So you may now think that what spiritual life does? The answer to this question is that it reminds us about this is who we really are.

Spirituality is taken from a Latin word “spiritus” that means wind or breathe. Therefore spirituality may be defined as purpose of life, superiority and reality of different dimensions of human being. The views towards spiritual health vary from person to person. It can be:

· It may include the meaning of life, sufferings and death.

· It may include religious and non-religious belief.

· It involves the thinking of meaning of self.

· Some may include self realization (getting in contact with what is inside).

According to various researchers, spirituality has found to have a direct relationship with physical well being of a person. This is so because spiritual health gives you strength for handling various situation of life and also brings relieve in life. Religion and spirituality are different. Spirituality is all related to individualization and internalization whereas religion is related to organised and social institution.

WHO has agreed to consider spiritual health as the fourth dimension of health in addition to physical, social and mental health. When a person understand the meaning of life, in such case if some injury or illness arrive then spirituality motivates the person to get well as soon as possible. Therefore spirituality is a gift for wellness of a person. It promotes you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The importance of spiritual health is as follow:

· Reliever of stress

· Reliever of pain

· Connects with positive energy

· Provides hope

· Improves relations

· Improves confidence

· Increases the capacity of forgiveness

· Make you a noble person

· Increases concentration power

· Reduces depression by preventing isolation

· Reduces tension(hypertension)

· Increases life span

· Increases social, mental and physical health

· Boost up immunity

Now you might be aware of the importance of spiritual health. But a question may arise in your mind that how can you get into spiritual health? So here are ways by which spiritual health can be improved by taking following measures:

· See the sights of your spiritual core:

In this the first step starts by learning and asking some questions to you self like;

Who actually am I?

What is the purpose behind my life?

What am I afraid of?

What are my positive and negative points?

What is the thing I value the most?

· Deeper meaning:

After asking various questions as some mentioned above you should go for looking the deeper meaning of life. By knowing this you will be able to analyse yourself and what you can do to have healthy and prosperous life ahead.

· Express yourself:

So now you get aware of yourself. When you express yourself of what is going in your mind you will be able to focus more on your achievements. If you get confused of the things and aim of your life then just follow a trick that you can write your goals on paper. In this trick you can start from writing your short term goals and the proceeding long terms goal. This will make you motivated and focussed towards your aim and goals.

· Yoga:

Yoga is considered as a best option to boost up your spiritual health by reducing the mental stress and provide physical strain on mind and body, which is really beneficial. You become active gainer for knowledge.

Yoga has found to be beneficial as it reduces depression, stress, anxiety etc.

· Explore new places:

Might sound weird!!!

But yes you can increase your spiritual health by exploring new places. When you visit various places you distract yourself from negative vibes. You make good connection with yourself.

· Be positive:

If you remove all the negativity from your life then you would find yourself as most relaxed person ever. Your thinking ability and focussing ability will automatically boosted by being in positivity.

· Meditation:

Apart from busy schedule you must give sometime whether in morning, afternoon or evening for meditation. It helps in relaxing your body and builds a strong relation between you and spiritual health.

Hope you are now aware about the spiritual health and its significance.

Spiritual health is the path to inner peace regardless of the turmoil around you!!!!